Photo & Signature Demo

Demo 1 - Paste Photos and Sign

Paste two photographs, 3.5cm x 2.5cm as shown above:

  1. On the left hand side sign across the photo
  2. On the right hand side sign below the photo in the space provided.

Sign with Black ink Pen

Demo 2 - Sign at the bottom of the Form

Sign at the Bottom Right box as shown

  1. In Page 2 for New PAN Application (49A)
  2. In Page 1 for Correction /Change in PAN details
Apply for a New PAN card

Are you an minor, major, senior citizen or any individual, who do not have a PAN card? Do you want a PAN for the first time?

Corrections to PAN details

Do you already have a PAN? Does your name or any other details needs to be changed in your existing PAN card?

Damaged or Lost PAN card

Have you lost or damaged your PAN card? You can apply to Reprint a PAN card with or without changes to your existing PAN details.

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